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Unimix Films!

UNiMiX FiLMS is a full service film production and marketing established in 1998 by Patrick Ulysse. Unimix Films brings a new edge to the art of filmmaking. 


Meet the Client

Who says working with family is hard business? Creative Courtois had the amazing opportunity to take on a project for a family member who knew how important it was to keep business within the family. Unimix Films is a wildly successful film production company in NYC, and came to us with the following needs:

1. The website was in dire need of organization to complement the work of its founder and showcase the work of the production company, including adding their new press kit.

2. The brand needed some consulting on creating social media content.

3. In the height of a new project being released, this website needed a quick turnaround.


So What Did We Do?

With this website, we wanted to create a clean cinematic experience, therefore, one of the first things added was a NYC video for its banner background to give it that feel upon entry. To add to the simplicity, we immediately organized the homepage to highlight the most important parts of the business including its accolades in a one page format.

For the first time, we successfully utilized a new Wix feature to embed the pdf of their current film’s press kit onto the website. Above what was requested, we created an additional press kit for another project as a courtesy. Like many projects, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure the business has everything it needs to be successful.

The client needed some social media tips, and we quickly came up with a strategy to help the client repurpose video content that they had into daily content. All of this was completed in their three-week window of turnaround.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Unimix Films - Production
Dreaming is Reality!

The Results?

The client was more than pleased with their new website and had a successful launch of their project. Like many, they attempted to make their website on their own from a template and could quickly see the designers' differences.

This client is now currently working with our partner Afrikkah Brooke on their social media strategy to grow their audience and produce consistent quality content.



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