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Worship United Church!

Worship United church is a non-denominational life giving church who’s doors are open to EVERYONE. Simply put, Worship United is a church filled with members who loves Jesus and His people.


Meet the Client

Creative Courtois, LLC is honored to work alongside

Kingdom Business organizations and had the opportunity to bring life to the Worship United Church website! The organization came to me with the following needs:

1. Their website needed a better flow that would capture the user’s attention.

2. They envisioned an interactive Prayer Wall and easy process that would allow the congregation to view

and submit prayer requests and praise reports.

3. They needed a dedicated space that would be home

to all of their media, including Youtube videos and

audio files of services.


So What Did We Do?

The client’s website was hosted on WordPress, an older platform that I quickly got familiarized with to ensure project success. Upon reviewing the current website, I was able to improve the flow of the pages so that users could easily navigate them and engage with the website without experiencing overwhelm.

From the vision provided, I was able to create a Prayer Wall that would be easy to update, while also maintaining a slider section that makes it easy for users to see upcoming events!

It is really important to be able to cross promote content, so adding Youtube and media to the website in a way that was easy for users to access also made a huge difference for the user experience.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Worship United Church - Kingdom Business
Kingdom Business

The Results?

Immediately, members of the congregation and other ministry leaders were able to experience the difference! The website saw an increase in the amount of time spent per user, as well as . increased traffic with some of the strategic integrations made.

This client continues to utilize Creative Courtois for all of their professional documents such as their business letterhead, member welcome packets, and monthly website maintenance.



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