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"God has given us all a gift to be a blessing. So I am here to be a blessing to you - not a financial burden!"

- Briana Courtois - 

The year was 2008. Unlike every other student in high school, I had just landed a student assistant role as a website designer. “You should make a business out of this talent” says my professor. My best friend’s mom was my first client where I designed her product labels and business website using DreamWeaver… from scratch… coding to final printing! It was in these earlier moments I realized that I had an eye for design! 

Little did I know years later, as I progressively built a career in the IT world that I would be met with news no 20 year old wants to hear. “You have been diagnosed with Keratoconus”. Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that I have, it doesn’t have me. I could either let this news rob me of my joy for creating or understand the journey God was blessing me with.


Throughout this process, I am reminded of my faith through John 9:25,  “I was once blind, but now I see”. God’s peace has kept me as I’ve relocated across the country working on projects that help entrepreneurs execute the visions they have for their business. Like many of you, my journey was destined! 

Briana Courtois, Business Owner & Creator

So in 2020, I am proud to relaunch a refreshed brand - Creative Courtois, LLC: Creative Designs with an Exotic Touch! As the world of entrepreneurship continues to grow, I want to help my clients make this process as purposeful as God has made my life! In working with me and my trusted partners, we will make this process easy, affordable, all while delivering the best quality visuals to represent your work and services to give you peace of mind!

Our Partners



Graphic Artist

The Authentic Messenger


Public Relation Specialist

Jay Clay MKTG

Marketing Strategist

HTG Media


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