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A Guiding Hand Therapeutic Services!

A Guiding Hand Therapeutic Services, LLC is a therapy practice, offering "practical" or "real life" therapy. AGH services all communities and demographics by providing quality care for all mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorders.


Meet the Client

Found within an online group, we were granted the opportunity to connect with another local business that also valued serving its clients as a top priority- A Guiding Hand Therapeutic Services. This client who was destined to find someone who could meet their needs:

  1. Sought website creations services that could display their creative vision with compliance to HIPAA regulations

  2. This client was in need of expedient services, with a goal of having their website presence completed within a month.

  3. As a service provider, this client wanted to make sure the website was low maintenance and evergreen for prospective clients.


So What Did We Do?

Thanks to this client clearly sharing her vision, I was able to get this website up and running within less than a week. Honoring the client's wish of simplicity, it was decided that a one page layout was best for her website. I was able to use and repurpose much of the client's online portfolio on Psychology Today to create the content on the website.

Some features made available was a Google map, making it easier for clients to GPS the location, as well as creating a frequently asked questions section including questions about costs and types of services. Knowing that a new website visitor would have many questions, I was able to consult on the type of questions to fill this area.

The graphics used on this website perfectly fit the vision that the client was looking to present. I was also able to ensure the client has access to png files of her logo for multi design usage, which was not the case previously.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - AGH Florida - A Guiding Hand Therapeutic Services
Alice Powell - LCSW

The Results?

Working with this client was a dream come true. I knew from the beginning she was professional and she was also very pleased by my professionalism. The client now has a website that will allow prospective clients an opportunity to learn about her services in a quick, easy to read, format. It really feels like a blessing to align with companies like A Guiding Hand Therapeutic Services.



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