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Happy Home Selling!

Realtor, Jaquaye Banks, known as “Jay,” of PalmerHouse Properties in Atlanta offers assistance to home buyers and sellers around the metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - HHS!

Meet the Client

With a goal to have this site up quickly, Creative Courtois was able to get this realtor’s site up within two weeks.

Happy Home Selling came to us to get their first website up for business, and we were presented with the following:

  1. Create a professional site emphasising the work of an agency realtor that gave users the information they were seeking.

  2. Create simple, standout, and professional graphics that match the branding of the agent.

  3. As a website with actively changing information, make sure the client was set up for success by creating back end pages for future use.


So What Did We Do?

Having worked with a realtor previously made this experience that much simpler, knowing all of the valuable components needed for their industry and to help guide the client through those needs. As a realtor of an agency, we successfully incorporated that information into the site without overcasting the work of the actual agent.

The agent’s goal was simplicity, so using a simple one page format allowed me the chance to make that happen, using her image as the background of the website. To make her website graphics stand out, we created animation effects with her logo.

The client knew that she would like to incorporate future blog posts into the website, and it was important to build that and show the client how to create them in the future.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Happy Home Selling!
Jaquaye Banks

The Results?

The success is in the details of this website. I am happy that this client was able to immediately begin marketing her services to others and will be able to continue to provide valuable information to prospective clients in the future.



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