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Official Mel Designz!

Graphic Designer/Brand Stylist out of Boston, MA with over 10 years’ experience

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Official Mel Designz

Meet the Client

Connecting with others is important but maintaining healthy connections is even more important. I was introduced to Official Mel Designs from a connection made while living in Boston, and I am thankful for such connections where I am recommended.

Working with a fellow designer was a new and enjoyable experience because we were able to get collaboratively creative. In creating her new portfolio website, we set out to do the following:

  1. Create a clean website that showcases the design work of Official Mel Designs to attract new clients.

  2. Create a testimonial page that allows clients to see what others' experiences have been working with this designer.

  3. Ensure that the client's website was clean with an easy to use layout.


So What Did We Do?

As the first fellow designer portfolio website client, I wanted to make sure that we were able to really bring life to her graphics work online. Together, we came up with a format that would work, a custom black and blue background to make it unique to her brand.

We were also able to add statistics to help future clients gain more perspective on their experience working with Mel. We also created a testimonial page that Mel can upload testimonials in order to give clients the feedback they are looking for.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Official Mel Designz
Melissa Sanon, Business Owner

The Results?

Within just two weeks this client's layout was ready and in three weeks the entire website was live. It was a great experience working to bring a fellow designer's vision to life. She knew exactly what she wanted and had all of her assets together.



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