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Jessica Salgado®

Jessica can help you connect your HEART to your HOME. This realtor can help you through the selling to buying stage.


Meet the Client

The most valuable referral is always shared by a trusted friend. Recommended to me by a church connection, Creative Courtois LLC had the honor of working on a website for Jessica Salgado, an amazing United States Army Veteran and Real Estate Agent. In order to bring more visibility to her business, she wanted to create a personal website.

  1. As an agent of Century 21, she needed a cross branded website that would meet their branding requirements.

  2. With a timeline of three months, this client envisioned a website that would allow clients the ease of viewing live listings.

  3. Establishing her online presence would require additional social media marketing and copywriting services to establish her branding.


So What Did We Do?

At the core of the work of Jessica Salgado is serving homebuyers and making this process as easy as possible for them! Having previously purchased a home and not feeling as informed as she would have hoped, she wanted to create a hub of information for first time home buyers, veterans, and show herself as a resource to her clients. The website has incorporated accurate and informative links for prospective and current clients to understand the options they have in purchasing a home. Clients are also able to book appointments and begin their applications from the website.

As an agent of Century 21 Homes, it was important to make sure that her website married well with her vision and their corporate standards. That meant creating some custom design assets as well as using my expertise as a designer to properly place the information of both Jessica and Century 21. As a designer, understanding how to make custom changes within builder platforms like Wix is a great benefit to clients.

Jessica, in creating her own unique online presence as a realtor, leaned on the expertise of myself and Afrikahh Brooke Gant to make sure she had the right copy on her website that would be attractive to prospective clients. We worked together to ensure we got her social media platforms up and running and make sure she understood how to best utilize them in her business.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - C21 Licensed Realtor - Jessica Salgado
Jessica Salgado - Licensed Realtor

The Results?

Getting this website done within two months was made possible thanks to Jessica sharing information quickly to get the job done. As a client, we did a lot of work virtually with walk through videos. She was very pleased with her final product and commented that the information shared with her via knowledge transfer was very succinct and easy to understand. I take pride in finding innovative ways to make sure clients understand every part of the process and I'm glad that I get to continue to help Jessica Salgado serve Florida homebuyers.


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