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The DOPE Clothing!

Young Entrepreneur, Davin "Ted" Neal, is the creator behind the clothing line DOPE (Driven On Positive Energy). This DOPE apparel empowers others to make a conscious effort to spread positivity. 


Meet the Client

The power of social media connected Creative Courtois to the greatness of The Dope Clothing company! After finding us through Facebook, I learned that the client had three important needs:

1. They wanted expedited services to ensure they could maintain website sales.

2. The customer wanted to create viewable color swatches options on their website so that customers could accurately see the variety of colors available.

3. They had a budget that they wanted to stay within as a growing small business.


So What Did We Do?

More than excited to get the job done, the client’s website was retouched to create a more simplified, shopping user experience within just two days.

What we learned quickly from extensive research is that the Shopify platform that the client hosted on would not allow the color swatch option in a way that would meet the client’s needs.

I was able to inform the client of the option to switch website hosting platforms to Wix, which would allow them to have this option while maintaining a website they could also easily manage. This would mean a big change, but I assured them that I would make this process simple.

Within a week, the website was fully transferred to the new platform.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - The Dope Clothing - Online Store
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The Results?

This quick turnaround of services left the client happy that they were able to get an improved website and not miss any sales in the process.

To ensure the client was educated on how to maintain their new website, I conducted a FREE knowledge transfer session with the client.

We were so excited to also have maintained this website for an extended period of time as they continued to grow in sales.

The owner has praised my professionalism across social media and has already solidified that we will work on a host of other family owned business websites.


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