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D's Balloon Shop!

Greensboro Premier Balloon Shop where Inflated Dreams are Blowing Up.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - D's Balloon Shop

Meet the Client

Clients who take advantage of the 2020 Vision Package are destined to have success in their launches. Working with D’s Balloon Shop was a dream, as we were able to get exceptional results from their new website launch.

D’s Balloon Shop had been in business for some time and knew that a web presence could take them to the next level. To make their experience complete, we sought after the following:

  1. In creating a new website, the client utilized copywriting services with our vendor and we also created a social media marketing plan for the website launch.

  2. As one of the first commercial sites, it was important to make sure that we were able to get all the information placed accurately for a successful customer experience and online launch.

  3. Make sure the website reflects the fun and brightness of the brand.


So What Did We Do?

The real success is in the story of our dynamic client. What started as a side hustle has now become a thriving family business that is working towards brick and mortar expansion.

Investing into yourself is very important for your success. This client took advantage of this all inclusive package and was able to have a successful launch that received online orders within 10 minutes of its announcement. This was due in part to the marketing plan that we began one month prior to launch.

As a new website owner, it was important to have the right words in place to get clients to take action. With the help of our copywriting vendor, we were able to help this client get all of their communications written explaining their families journey and target their messages for their Greensboro demographic.

This site is FUN and full of color. As a balloon vendor, that was a huge priority. The online site shows all of the available products for purchase and allows customers to leave a review on the site to rave about their experience. We also made some recommendations about product offerings that the client was not offering that ended up being a really successful new component of their business.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Ds Balloon Shop
Dominique Sneed, Business Owner

The Results?

This is a perfect case study for strategic launches. This client continues to be successful, is now working at D's Balloon Shop full time, and continues to work with our services beyond her first package deal. I highly recommend that clients who want to make a real impact in their industries make the investment to have Creative Courtois and our vendors make sure you have everything you need in place for success.



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