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Perfectly Imperfect Swimwear!

Swimwear Created for the Sexiest Modest Persons

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - PI Swimwear

Meet the Client

It was the perfect experience working with Perfectly Imperfect Swimwear on the launch of their new website. This new online swimwear boutique purchased our full package deal and saw immediate responses.

The client discovered our services from Instagram hashtags in her search for a designer. To create the website that met her vision, we worked on the following:

  1. Create an enjoyable shopping experience with a full catalog of products featuring model images, slideshows, a custom video, and a retouched logo to meet the owner’s vision.

  2. Utilized copywriting services with our preferred vendor to make sure we delivered the right language on the website with the right social media marketing content.

  3. With a website that has consistently active marketing, creating a format that would allow for easy changes for the client.


So What Did We Do?

The fact that this client came from social media is a reminder of the power of social media and how its proper usage can render incredible results.

This client had a very specific vision of a clean website whose images could promote sales on its own. The client had their own images taken and we laid them out on the homepage to provide clients with an immediately satisfying shopping experience. On the homepage, we also perfectly centered a product video to help bring something fresh to the page.

Having purchased the full package, this client was able to fine tune her messaging with our vendor. We were able to also execute a social media marketing strategy to promote the launch and build anticipation. This client particularly took a lot of great tips and tools to help boost her presence that were valuable.

To give her website agility in creating new content, we were able to create layouts that allow easy changes, like the rotating header image, that she can promote sales and promotions easily on by changing the text.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - PI Swimwear
PI Swimwear Finished Site

The Results?

“You got my vision”, was exactly what this client shared about her experience. Together, we were able to create a dynamic website and she was very receptive to input and learning how to manage her site. It is always a joy to be acknowledged for professionalism, and this client was happy to have a designer that showed her important things along the way.


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