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Marteja's De'Lites!

Marteja's De'Lites sweets for any occasion  whether its an office party, luncheon, family cookout, birthday party, graduation or baby shower


Meet the Client

There is such great power in networking. Within an online Facebook group for entrepreneurs, I was able to answer the request for a designer solicited by another designer. With a busy business and little time to commit to doing her website on her own via Wix, I was able to happily step in for this business owner.

  1. Wanting to get this website up and running, her request was to have a completed website within a month;

  2. She had already purchased a domain, hosting and template chosen via Wix, yet still wanted a custom feel to her website;

  3. The website was to be an ecommerce site that allowed clients to select from multiple cupcake flavors, a Special of the Day option, and a Special Occasions section.


So What Did We Do?

This client’s website, like others, featured a simple format of necessary information. Instead of using some of Wix’s templates, I created a custom front page of the website for simplicity and attractiveness. The perks of working with a designer versus DIY.

With this client opening the new option to purchase online via an e-commerce site, we were able to organize the cupcake varieties and allow customers to maximize their possibilities with fillings, flavors, and icing types. A great touch to this website is the layout of its review page that is easy to read.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - C21 Licensed Realtor - Jessica Salgado
Aundrea Neal - Baker, Business Owner

The Results?

I am proud to have the ability to meet the client’s needs and get her website up and running within two weeks! Customers very quickly wrote reviews for, and with the client’s knowledge transfer, I saw that the client was able to make product additions to her site! I look forward to continuing to help entrepreneurs make a greater impact with their websites.



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