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Chef Richie!

A nutrition and fitness coach here to help you meet your goal effectively with the right products!


Meet the Client

What a privilege it is to know and befriend so many entrepreneurial spirits. When my friend Chef Richie came to me with a problem - I was honored that I could be a part of the solution! In an effort to give her a one-stop shop for her sales, we created an ecommerce promotional web page that would help her grow.

  1. Creating a simple webpage that would allow prospective clients to shop her many products and services as a chef, beauty product producer, and trainer/nutritionist.

  2. Embed video content to create an enhanced visual experience for visitors.

  3. Design her webpage following the branding of her logo and include design elements that are important to the client.


So What Did We Do?

Working on this website was enjoyable. The client was looking to make this active within two weeks, and I was able to deliver the webpage within two days. To ensure that her website was helpful and stood out, we made use of many videos to SHOW clients what they would be investing in, including “how-to” videos of products. Important to the client was use of an iridescent background, so I was tasked to make this visually appealing in web format that would still make for a great user experience. To complement the clients previously designed logo, I was able to use similar fonts and colors that brought the whole look together. The client's logo was not .png format, so I too was able to convert this. To make sure that the products page was also visually appealing, I was able to create transparent images of products and also create new and improved images using my graphics skills.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Chef Richie
Chef Richie, Business Owner

The Results?

One of the greatest parts of this project was the opportunity to work alongside a friend in a professional capacity. I love that the exchange was more than positive and professional - showing me that my work is rooted in serving those I know and don’t know, equally. I am happy that all of her talents can now be accurately expressed on a page that can help her to grow her business.



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