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Mangos Catering Service!

Mangos Catering Service, LLC is a premier catering service company, offering a variety of selections from authentic island dishes to mouthwatering southern cooking, delicious brunch and health conscious options.


Meet the Client

As quickly as we completed our first food service website with Comfort Confections, I was on to the next with Mangos Catering Service, who sought out our expedient services for the revamping of their previous one page website. With high demand in their business, this client and I were able to uncover needs that could make their online presence more valuable for them.

  1. The previous website lacked organization, so organizing the new website was very important to create an improved user experience with more branded copywriting.

  2. The client wanted a website that had new features, including a section for reviews, an online store, new organized menus, and we thought it would be a great idea to also add a chat feature to interact with website visitors.

  3. With the future launch of an online store, considerations for future assets were discussed to create distinction of new products from the catering.


So What Did We Do?

Creating this new and improved website called for creativity. To give the website a more personalized brand feeling, we took on concepts that created an island vibe with the imagery, fonts used and color-palette.

This client’s website did not have the menu organized by meal service, so designing each page and laying it out in a way that was easy to read online, was a very important task that we were able to accomplish together. With copywriting services provided by partner Afrikahh Brooke, we made the website language fun, entertaining, while also featuring a Q&A about the owner. Another feature we added was an events calendar that the client could update with all of their popup events and vending. Clients are now able to fill out an inquiry form about their events. The Wix chat feature was an innovative addition to interact with visiting customers. This feature would let the client know when and where the customer was visiting to start a customized conversation to help secure the business.

Completed within just a month, not only did we get the website up, but I was also able to redesign a logo for future products, an additional suggestion free of charge to the client.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Mango Catering Service - Premier Island Restaurant
Happy Client - Nadege!

The Results?

This project brought along a lot of new lessons and great insights on how to better service clients. With a few adjustments, we were able to make a premium website for the client that their customers have found easy to navigate.



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