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Comfort Confections!

Comfort Confections is a home-based bakery established in May 2019.  All items are freshly baked, made-to-order. And every order is homemade from the heart.


Meet the Client

Comfort Confections- what a treat it was to have them seek out Creative Courtois! Referred by her husband, a college classmate, this business owner was ready to take her business to the next level and trusted me in making that happen.

  1. This client had no prior web presence and wanted to ensure she would be able to make sales online with pickup and delivery options for customer

  2. This client wanted to make their website representative of their vision of a creative and fun business, with small edits to their previously used logo

  3. The client also was in no rush- she wanted to make sure the website had every product displayed with accuracy so that her website could truly be a one stop shop


So What Did We Do?

It was truly a joy to bring this brand’s brilliance to life. As my first food service e-commerce website, there were many features that we wanted to make sure were made available, as the client would not have access to the website 24/7.

Our main objective? Create a very user friendly website that is attractive to prospective customers.

After making edits to the previous logo, we established a website that was organized, bold and bright! I found it to be very important to feature a frequently asked questions section, because this client has delivery and pickup options, as well as customized orders for different dietary needs. We were able to create this section that has helped questions on orders being reduced. Secondly, the client and I were able to establish her logistics strategy on online orders, which was a new consideration now that she would accept orders online.

Every client is different, and this client was in no rush to get her website up. We worked on this project for a few months at the client’s pace before release.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - Unimix Films - Production
Happy Client!

The Results?

This project was a success, and launched in February 2020 to a very happy client (and proud husband)! This client took the information from our knowledge transfer session and has been proactive in making her own edits and maintenance to her website.

Educating and empowering our clients is a top priority!



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