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A. Kweendom's Beauty!

A. Kweendom’s Beauty is a black owned business selling handmade African-inspired products made for Kings & Queens. The products contain a combination of natural ingredients from around the world.


Meet the Client

A. Kweendom’s Beauty has long been one of my favorite small businesses and became the first client of the relaunched brand - Creative Courtois.

The business was ready to go to the next level and had a few things they needed to change to make that happen.

1. This dynamic small business was not hosting a website! They were only making sales via direct messages on social media and in person.

2. Their main marketing materials, including the logo, needed a retouch to create consistency across assets.

3. The client needed to more easily capture their customer information to communicate with them and enhance the customer service experience.


So What Did We Do?

To bring more life to the business logo, I retouched the logo with a few enhancements to give it a more bold look! With this logo change, came more marketing asset designs to help promote the brand such as t-shirts, flyers, business cards and social media content.

I understood how much business and trust the lack of an e-commerce site was costing the client. I was able to educate and assure the client that making the investment would pay off quickly- and it did!

I was able to restructure this entire website, which is rich in content yet very well organized for a great user experience. To really give more meaning to words on the site, we worked with The Authentic Messenger for copywriting services.

Web and Graphic Design - Creative Courtois - A. Kweendom's Beauty - Online Store - Handmade, natural products
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The Results?

Working with A. Kweendom’s Beauty has had enormous return on investment. We are constantly working on marketing assets to promote the business as it continues to grow nationally, and now serve as partners in helping small businesses with their social media marketing needs.

The client has monthly website maintenance, and absolutely loves that her new e-commerce website is easy to manage from her smartphone.

Upon educating the client on the new capabilities of her website, the client has seen great increase in sales and is now able to serve clients more efficiently. Clients love the ease of ordering their products on the new site and have left raving reviews that we capture on the site.


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