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The life we live is really more than the eyes can see; for it is indeed a spiritual warfare. This war is a long one and no one said it’s going to be easy but with wisdom, patience, and calculated steps, the means to a rewarding and fulfilling end have been realized and tried. This book is written to help bring insight on various life battles we face and how to come out as the victorious soldier you are with minimal to no PTSD.

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More About the Author

Briana Sabrina is a prophet, teacher, intercessor, visionary and powerful woman of God who has been called to the nations. Briana studied Ministry Leadership at Northwest University and has served in various roles within ministry. Briana Sabrina began writing this debut self-help book after the auction and prophetic word of the Holy Spirit. There are many more books to come from Briana.

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Official Book Signing

Come pick up your preorder book copy and meet the author Briana Sabrina

January 22nd @ 2:30PM EST

Why This Book?

Well, are you tired of doing things all wrong? Are you tired of doing so much and getting so little in return? Are you in dire need of help to better face the many different challenges that life would throw at you and come out of it all victorious, mature, and with an uplifted spirit? Then this book is written for you - a starter pack for the birthing of the conquering soldier in you!

ONLY $20

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